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Here are the exciting excerpts given to
Mr. Ritesh Patel
Managing Director, Kroma Paints Pvt. Ltd.

To meet the rising cost of imported raw materials, Kroma Paints is enhancing its in-house R&D and production capabilities and developing more cost-effective paints for construction equipment manufacturers and PEB industry

A major customer segment of Kroma Paints is the construction equipment manufacturer, besides PEB, marine and other industrial segments. The CE segment has been reeling under the impact of rising prices of materials and consumables, including paint – resulting in higher costs of the end-products.


To curtail the rising costs, Kroma Paints is developing more cost-effective solutions, informs Ritesh Patel, Director, Kroma Paints Private Limited. “Resins and additives, which are the base raw materials for paints,are mostly imported from Europe, US and China. Their costs have gone up by 20 to 300 percent in recent times! This has increased the cost of paint substantially, plus there has been a persisting shortage of these raw materials. To combat the situation, we have been trying to re-redesign the painting system as well reformulating products along with development of few resins indigenously OR Locally to reduce logistic cost .This will not only reduce production costs but ultimately enhance the product quality of the final products too. At the same time, we are ensuring that our paints meet the end requirements of quality and durability standards of the OEMs.”

He informs that the company is integrating its raisins and additives production facilities and has increased its in

house production capacity from 100 mt to 600mt. The company has also invested in increasing the automation of the production processes, which is ensuring consistency in the raw materials and in the final products, as well as increasing their performance and durability.

Kroma Paints, which produces epoxy, PU and high performance anti-corrosive coatings, has developed new formulations and products which has passed all the test of adhesion, Impact, Bend test and few more important tests which proves performance and durability of products. “These tests have enabled us to deliver the desired requirements of film thickness and finish (as per the OEMs standards) for better corrosion protection,” says Patel. “To deliver the desired requirement of film thickness and finish in minimum application time, we have developed special coatings suitable for airless spray application system which significantly reduces the number of coats required to achieve desired DFT, thereby bringing down the cost of production.”

At the same time, Kroma Paints is creating awareness on the application of its paints. “We are training customers on the selection of right processes for surface preparation and painting so that they achieve the desired level of coating protection for long lasting and attractive paint on their machines,” informs Patel.

Kroma Paints central warehouse in Ahmedabad supplies the paints to the company's institutional buyers.

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