Service and Support


Service is a very imprtant part of any industries just like us. We just don’t deliver the package. Our main prodcts are Coatings, but our scope starts from service.

We first understand the primary parameters of paint application on clients prospectives. We understand their need, problems, environment and resources. Infact sometime, this process and mechanisam needs much more involvement of our experts and also take time to understand, design and development of suitable products.

Paint is very precious ornaments to all of the equipments, machinery manufacturers and builders. Everybody is having their own taste and requirement. But sometime, it is not possoble to identify right requirements to select suitable products and process due to not having bottomline staff’s suggestions and feedback. We complete that gap from bottomline to top management.

We also suggest right product and its applicaiton method to the management and execute through training to the bottomline staff.

Our system driven mechanisam and process offers zero complaints to customers.

This has made us a first choice of our customers in today’s multiple vendor stragety.





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