New Coating Solutions for Corrosion Protection


We are enhancing our in- house R&D and production capabilities and developing more innovative and cost-effective paints for construction equipment manufacturers
Mr. Ritesh Patel
Managing Director, Kroma Paints Pvt. Ltd.


We have set up a new resin producing factory to counter the rising cost of imports of raw materials like resin and additives.

With the setting up of our new resin manufacturing facility in Ahmedabad, we will now be better equipped to meet the growing demand coming from the infra development sector. It will facilitate us to make our supply ontime. Resin and additives are the key ingredients in paint. Earlier, we were importing them from Europe and China, or outsourcing from some manufacturers in India, which inflated the cost of our final products. Besides, there were frequent disruptions in supply and unexpected price hikes. The new production facility has a capacity to produce 600,000 kg of resin per month , which will now enable us to meet customer demand for timely supply along with high quality and durability, and at more cost-competitive rates. Our major customer segments comprise construction equipment manufacturers, PEBs, marine and other

Interaction NBM&CW MAY 2022 31 Kroma Paints industrial segments. We are seeing more stable demand of our paints this year as compared to 2021.

Our products deliver the desired and consistant quality parameters like film thickness, Gloss and finish, drying time as per OEMs’ quality standards and requirement for long lasting protection against corrosion.

The raw materials used in our paints undergo stringent quality checks and processes at our facility in Ahmedabad. We have automated the production processes to ensure consistency in the raw materials and in the final products,

which will increase their performance and durability.

We offer a choice of mono, single, two, and three coat paint, with an output of 500 KL of paint per month. All our products of high performance anti-corrosive coatings like epoxy, PU, and Alkyds are based on advanced formulations and quality materials. We ensure that they pass all the important tests as regards adhesion, impact, bending, etc.before being packaged for delivery.

Our high-performance paints are developed under controlled conditions and monitored parameters of output to deliver superior durability and high gloss. We use best- in-class technology to achieve optimum opacity and rheological properties (flow and viscosity) to ensure effective coverage, reduced runs, minimum overspray and sagging, such that our paints offer high tinctorial strength, hiding power, and excellent dispersion, thereby imparting stability and performance along with optimal levels of light and weather fastness.

We are creating awareness among end- users on application of our paints.

We provide training to customers on the right selection of paint, and on the processes for surface preparation, paint application, etc. Our central warehouse in Ahmedabad stocks and supplies the paints through our direct channels to institutional buyers and to local retail markets

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