New Coating Solutions for Corrosion Protection


We have come up with new specialty coating solutions that give long- term corrosion protection. The paints require minimum coating and give the right dry film thickness.

Mr. Ritesh Patel
Managing Director, Kroma Paints Pvt. Ltd.


Our new specialty coating solutions reduce the application times and gives better levels of DFT

Industrial and construction equipment paint specialist Kroma Paints has introduced new specialty coating solutions that require minimum coating. This reduces the

application times substantially and gives better levels of DFT (dry film thickness). The paint can also be applied as a single coat for long-term corrosion protection. The range of products available for PU, Epoxy and Fast Drying Alkyd Paints. Kroma products are made from resins produced at Kroma’s new facility in Ahmedabad. Buyers of industrial paints can now get timely supply at competitive rate. The company was earlier importing the resin from Europe, China and from various sources in India, Which inflated the cost of the products. It also had to deal with frequent disruptions in the supply chain and price hikes in the raw material.

We give support and training for paint selection and application.

Kroma Paints offers training to the paint applicators, guidance to buyers on selection of the paints, and support to the end- users. The company has its own marketing channel and in-house application engineers so that the customers use the right products and apply them correctly

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